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archKIDecture is an independent architecture education project that encourages children to explore and participate in the built environment.

Tin Can Building

  • tin can house Lesotho
  • Built in 2002
  • Designed by Michael Hönes
  • Made of soda cans



Tin Can Structures
Did you ever wonder what to do with your old cans after you drank a refreshing cold orange soda? That is our favorite bubbly drink. That bright orange can could just be tossed in the trash. But, in Lesotho, (located in South Africa) there is someone who thought of a great idea of building structures and furniture with cans.

A German man moved to Lesotho in Africa and wanted to do something positive for the people there. He realized that the tin cans were a great resource that was available and not used for anything once people had drunk up the beverage. So, he decided to start by making "solar cookers" using the sun to make heat for cooking out of the cans. Then he started to design buildings out of the cans.

Tin Can Building, Lesotho

He used wire to connect the cans. Michael Hones liked the cylindrical shape of the cans for building. A cylinder is strong, it can be stacked easily and the individual cans fit together very well.

And look at the cool patterns you can make with the different can designs.

This project is not new. We noticed it years ago and keep thinking that it is a great solution for creating structures out of materials that are available. IT is a great green solution too, as what would have been garbage becomes the building blocks to your new flat. How great that is!


We could not contact Mr. Hones for more information and all information is dated from 2002. If there is any chance anyone knows more about this project or if Mr. Hones is still in Lesotho, or if anyone has other photos that they might share, please send it on! Thanks,



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