STEEL + glass

Swiss RE headquartersIn earlier centuries and sometimes today, buildings were constructed under the direction of a single master builder, who was an expert in the areas of the materials, the way they reacted structurally and the design of the building. But that is fairly impossible today when it comes to construction with steel and glass.

Swiss Re Headquarters (also known as the Gherkin - the PICKLE!) designed by Norman Foster and Foster and partners

This is an incredibly great structure because it incorporates a lot of sustainable qualities in it and it is so cool and modern.

The windows open to allow the flow of fresh air and lowers the amount of energy needed for air conditioning for one thing...



The builders or contractors tend to know most about how to put the materials together, the engineers understand the properties of the materials structurally, in a scientific way, and the architects usually understand best about the design of the building and how it will work for the people who will use it.

metal building
Let's investigate how steel structures are put together and how these buildings behave structurally. In other word, "Do things bend or remain firm if they are made of steel?"" Why not just use wood or plastic instead?" "What methods are used to keep steel in place and unmoving? let's explore using the john hancock building in chicago illinois usa.






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