Our programs cover mathematics, science, art, languages, and social studies. archKIDecture combines interpretive discussions and slide shows with hands-on art activities to teach children about architecture and its relationship to history, culture, literature, science and math.

We help kids to develop creative skills and observations of the built environment. They create artworks that require them to think creatively and apply knowledge, through slide shows and hands-on craft projects.

at Skokie Public Library, Skokie Illinois

Skokie Map

We contacted the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission (NIPC) and they produced a satellite map focused on a main intersection in the town of Skokie Illinios.
We made a transparency of the photo and projected it onto a large piece of canvas, drawing the outlines of the buildings and streets from a birds-eye-view.

When the kids arrived, we placed the fabric on the floor at the Library and let the kids collage on it with fabric swatches and draw on it with markers and crayon.
The result was a wonderful wall hanging for theLibrary to display.

Boy drawing at archKIDecture Little Girl at archKIDecture Big Girl at archKIDecture hands at archKIDecture

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